About us

Auricle services provides monitoring and evaluation services using multi-disciplinary skills and teams which are focused on sharing best practices that demonstrates performance.

These skills are highly intensive in areas of designing and conducting researches, developing tools for researches, analysing findings to promote better understanding in aiding decision making process; it also engages in coordinating and implementing various evaluation programs with varied scope.As an important link to effective decision making process, Auricle Services uses knowledge management strategies and tool for communicating learning across its services. It also provides specialized training packages and programmes at its locations as well as its clients locations.

Auricle Services has specialists to plan, design, implement, manage and support Monitoring and Evaluation services within any organisation. The key staffs have worked with donor agencies, implementing partners for donors, NGO’s, private organizations and specific areas in the public sector. Auricle services have therefore demonstrated a high level of competency and accuracy which complements its ability to address various monitoring and evaluation needs of its clients.


Areas of practice

  • Monitoring and evaluation design
  • Evaluation of national strategies, programs and policies
  • Developing and implementing evaluation of projects and programs
  • Design and management of Information System
  • Training in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Mentoring
  • Data management
  • Knowledge management.